project info

O racle is one of the leading computer technology corporations specializing in computer hardware systems and enterprise software products. Oracle is a global company with thousands of employees located throughout the world.

Oracle’s Fusion Middleware (FMW) group was looking for a user-friendly site for Oracle personnel to retrieve the latest FMW product information. The current site lacked consistency between product pages and was difficult to navigate. Users also found it difficult to utilize the search functionality.

The FMW group also wanted the new intranet site to be accessible through Oracle certified Web browsers (typically Internet Explorer and Firefox) and have an improved and uniform look and feel between pages.

The FMW intranet site was redesigned using the same Webcenter infrastructure with focus on user interface. 3Di created new site navigation following the flow of the FMW product pillars with new page templates to keep the look and feel consistent throughout the site. Since FMW wanted to retain the existing the global search feature, 3Di came up with a document search solution titled “Collateral Finder,” an advanced document search for the FMW site.


3Di provided the following services:

  • Requirements gathering: Contributed questions to the initial user survey that Oracle conducted to better understand user needs and usage patterns. Orchestrated more detailed focus groups/discussions following the initial survey.
  • Design: Created information architecture and site taxonomy. Created style guide and visual design mock-up for Web pages and navigation. Developed page templates and functional modules.
  • Implementation and testing: Implemented the new site framework and skeleton.
  • Content migration: Migrated the existing content to the new framework.
  • Training: Trained the Oracle team that is going to maintain the site to ensure consistency in the implementation of future pages.

Oracle was able to quickly provide FMW product information in an easier-to-digest format, especially with the implementation of the Collateral Finder, which has counter-balanced the inefficiency of the global search functionality.