project info

L ADWP is the largest public utility in the United States, serving water and power to millions of customers in the greater Los Angeles area. LADWP has more than 3,000 employees located throughout Los Angeles County and parts of the Owens Valley in eastern California.

LADWP was looking for an employee intranet solution that would be easy to use and scalable to accommodate the addition of applications and department portals without changing the base framework. Most of LADWP’s 40 departments did not share a common platform, a common template or visual design, so the intranet looked pieced together and lacked consistency. LADWP also wanted to improve search capability to return more relevant results. And since many employees work in the field, the intranet also needed to be accessible to employees outside the network.

The goals for designing LADWP’s employee intranet included:

  • Provide employees a single access point.
  • Allow single sign on to some business applications so employees do not have to log in multiple times.
  • Improve navigation to department information.
  • Provide a consistent look and feel.
  • Allow users the ability to securely access these systems from outside the LADWP network.
  • Allow LADWP to easily update content and create new pages and portals.
  • Implement a search function that provides relevant search results.
  • Allow users to view the intranet on their mobile devices.

Using Oracle Webcenter Portal framework, 3Di developed a secure site where users have a single log in to access department information and business applications. The site utilizes a common visual theme, which will be retained for new content through use of common templates. This assures a uniform look and feel throughout the site. 3Di also utilized Oracle WebCenter Content as a content and document repository to store commonly used forms and documents. WebCenter Content workflows were built to simplify and formalize the process of adding new content, further increasing consistency across departments.. 3Di also implemented a document search so employees can easily find documents and forms.

Following are some of the features of the new intranet portal: 

  • Single sign on with Windows Native Authentication.
  • Documents and forms search
  • Integration with Oracle Business Intelligence for showing outage dashboard.
  • Responsive web design
  • Section 508 (ADA) compliant

A secure, highly scalable and extendible employee intranet portal integrated with multiple backend systems. It is a searchable and dynamic website with a consistent look and feel. Employees can now access the intranet from inside and outside the network and easily manage content.