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H CIDLA’s mission is to create viable urban communities by advocating for safe and livable neighborhoods through the promotion, development and preservation of decent, safe, affordable housing and by expanding economic opportunities and public services, principally for low- and moderate income persons.

Gateway to Green (G2G) is a free energy efficiency and water conservation survey for multifamily rental properties. It expands upon work already being performed by HCIDLA under the city’s current multifamily rental inspection program. Inspectors needed an easy-to-use interface to cut down the time required for the surveys, and customers needed to have online access to survey results and recommendations.

All multi-family rental properties in the City of Los Angeles are inspected as part of HCIDLA’s Systematic Code Enforcement Program (SCEP). HCID inspectors also briefly survey these buildings for energy and water efficiency. This gives property owners an initial idea of the savings potential of energy and water efficiency measures. Property owners are then referred to the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) and Southern California Gas Company, which may provide rebates or other incentives to install products that increase conservation.

G2G will increase awareness of energy and water conservation options among renters and property owners, which will result in significant environmental benefits.

A new web application provides conservation information and allows inspectors to provide property owners with individual reports detailing steps they can take to be more energy and water efficient. The reports will also list local incentive programs that can jump start their savings.

Gateway to Green leverages the SCEP by allowing HCID inspectors to perform the free G2G surveys on a continuing four-year cycle.


The G2G application has two main components:

  • Web application (include awareness of G2G program)
  • G2G survey application (developed for inspector to do survey on site)

Features of Gateway to Green (G2G) include:

  • Web Application
  • Content management
  • Content workflow
  • User registration
  • Online survey for owners
  • Edit profile for registered user
  • Other website content management
  • G2G Survey Application
  • Creates the G2G survey application for inspectors
  • Supports quick inspections through a user-friendly interface
  • Synchronizes with centralized storage


A highly scalable and extendible web application that provides the ability to change the content at any time.

In addition, the new system also offers:

  • Content-rich website with information that raises awareness of energy and water saving options.
  • Searchable content.
  • Ability to customize content.

HCIDLA is more efficiently reaching customers with its conservation message. Customers have better access to information and guidance on how to take action to enhance their conservation efforts and increase their financial savings. The City will also realize significant environmental benefits.


  • Increased awareness among HCIDLA customers on the importance of conservation and benefits of installing water and energy saving devices.
  • Ability for customers to complete tasks online, e.g., property survey.
  • Overall increased customer satisfaction with Web application.